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After the Markets Crashed – Restaurant business was slow. Twitter Was New┬áso we started posting Chef Quotes That as Chefs we had either said or over heard in the years of kitchen life. and their is a lot of crazy shit talking that goes on behind the scenes of the World Fanciest Restaurants . so the most notable Chef Quotes in the history of Mankind. that was sort of our goal . Social Experiment , Fun , Human interaction , Talking about the Thing that are Said in Today’s Hottest Professional Kitchens . Chefs Are Funny , Right

This Site and Concept is a Collaboration of Spirits and Chef Still here on Earth that have gathered a Collection of the Greatest Ever Known to Modern Man. we Can be Contacted on twitter . That’s how this whole thing started any ways right 140 says some thing.

Looking for our You Tube Page its Out there some where just keep on looking chump. Russian Hackers and Trump Supporters Have been Giving our Little Web Site a lot of grief busting our balls and breaking the shit out of our files and torturing our servers and left technicians crying in the corners with drool and shit come out there mouths. its a real shame that a chef quote web site with little to no traffic can just get the living shit kick out of them in plain day light and no body dose any thing no one calls the cops nothing just left our web site for dead lining in the streets like a dead whore or even worst.

This is the Markings of a Fresh start like shit the chef said phoenix rising from the ashes of the evil fucking Russian hackers that destroyed our site to this new bad ass site that drops all the crap and just gets real with chef quotes and the thing that are said in the heat of battle in today’s heated professional kitchen by professional chefs.