Cake Farts

Cake Farts

“there is a lot wrong with this” shit the chef said about this video.

Cake Farts is the Historically Most Requested of All Time at Shit the Chef Said.

cakefartslogo3 Cake Farts

cake farts video

You should consider that Imitation is the most acceptable part of Worship, and that the Gods had much rather Mankind should Resemble, than Flatter them. many website and twitter profile have copied our idea and we thank them.

chef said the act of striping down then farting on a cake. to be a real cake fart the butthole has to come in contact with the icing.
“you know what i like the most? cake farts”
direct quote from cake fart girl
“i’m going to need to get real comfortable for this” movie quote are real popular amongst cake farters .
cake fart
When a woman squats and breaks smelly wind all over a cake, usually for a sexual fetish, but sometimes as a Sadistic revenge at a restaurant, like in a case when a rude customer pinches her ass.
Lizz bent down and cake farted on her slave’s lunch. that’s some wierd shit man but that’s probably why cake farting video is the historic most requested item of all time from shit the chef said. the kids in the back are going crazy.

I admit I laughed at the whole idea of this and the dipshit who wasted time and a cake to film this.

It would be better if 1. She didn’t have meth face 2. She had tits 3. She had an ass 4. If she didn’t talk so much…

I guess I just expect my gf’s not to look as retarded as they could be. red neck logic kicks in

the beer have a chance to settle. i would eat the fuck outta her fart cake. she’s hot as fuck. You know what I like the most? The fact when she tries to push out the last fart, you can see a small turtle head poke out.

I think when she tried to push out that last fart it was a prairie dog not a turtle head but it is the funniest thing i have ever seen . I laugh my fucking head off everytime I see it

so here its back – again. Now that’s what I call a plucky bung hole! Watching this young lady fart thusly, makes me, a right proper brain, want to bake her brownie at 450 degrees!       You like cake farts?? HAHAHAHAHA Know What I Like the Most?..Cake Farts. ? Drunk at the Wheel or maybe you like this. I must admit. This is the first time I have seen an anus filmed during a fart. Interesting how it expands that cool nice work shit the chef i digg it the most ROFLMFAO….. Hands down the funniest and most fucked up thing Ive seen in a long time! My questions are, 1 who the hell was video taping that? pastry chef . 2, why cake? and 3. what the fuck are they feeding that chick!!!

This film made my mt. peeper cry semen. how can a girl this fly fart so high that it makes grown men cry. I love dat pooper pie. I wish you’d do it on a pumpkin pie.

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